La Bocca della verità

La Bocca della verita' (Mouth of Truth) is a monument located in Rome in front of the church of Santa Maria de Cosmedin. DPS-Promatic srl manufactures the Bocca della Verità machine since 1987. We have made many models and it has been translated in many languages, and copied in many countries! If you want to know about the Bocca della verità, read on.

The Bocca della Verita' machine speaks and prints a fortune according to people's hand. There is a legend about it that says that it will cut the hand of whom is not sincere. To know more, read to the bottom of the page.

Bocca della Verita' VERA

A real size (170 cm) replica of the Bocca della Verità. It is made of glass fiber (we can also use ther materials) and prints a ticket with a fortune that can be changed to meet events or promotions. Ideal for great locations. Guaranteed to attract customers. A machine made of concrete, of this size, has been installed in AELIA shop in Fiumicino airport, terminal 3, in Rome.

Bocca della Verità MAXIMA

Bocca della Verità with a cabinet, ready to be installed in any place, like any ordinary machine. It is 190 cm high and 110 cm wide. It prints a ticket in thermal paper with a fortune, that can be adapted to promotions and events. We also have a version that prints on A4 paper.

Bocca della Verita' TEMPLUM

A mini version of the Bocca della Verità Machine, 80 cm wide and 94 cm high, to be hanged to a wall. It prints a ticket on thermal paper. Ideal for places with little space available. Still very attractive.

Facts and history about the real Bocca della Verità

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